Hi, and welcome on Olopop’s blog

We are happy to launch our new website and blog. Here is a “road map” of what you will find on Olopop’s social networks.

Our Blog

First and foremost, our blog. You’ll find two types of posts. Articles gathering tips to help you organize your parties easily and smartly. This is actually the first mission of Olopop; we want you to have the best party possible, and amaze your guests. We’ll also write articles about Olopop’s milestones and we’ll tell you in details what’s happening.



We tweet about everything that is linked to Olopop’s universe. We are relaying information about music, technology, video mapping, vjing, djing, hardware, apps and more. We also tweet about Olopop’s milestones (our latest prototype, our new website…). When we do the first page of New York Times, or when CNN talks about us, we will even tweet it ! To make it simple, you’ll find pretty much everything on our Twitter’s page so come and follow us, we are waiting for you !



We mostly post about Olopop’s milestones. You’ll be able to find easily information about us on our Facebook profile. You’ll be able to accompany us on our journey and see how we evolve. Of course Facebook is a great place to talk so if you want to say how much you love us, or ask us a question, leave us a comment, we’d love to have a chat with you.



You’ll find all Olopop’s corporate information. We’ll also share articles about start-ups, business related to Olopop’s field and technology.



We want you to have a close look at what’s happening at Olopop. From our latest prototype, to the new plant we’ve bought, you’ll find useful (and less useful but cool) information about Olopop evolution.



No music, no party. We’ve selected playlists and mixes for you (usually they are 1 or 2 hours long) sorted by genres. You obviously don’t want to spend all your night looking for new songs and switching them. just select you genre, press play and enjoy your party


We hope to hear from you very soon !

Olopop team.

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