How to find parties and events near you?

Discover our selection of websites that help you finding parties near you

It can be hard to choose between different party or on the other hand miss one that you had no idea was taking place but desperately wanted to go. Don’t worry there are numerous websites to help you find choose your events. Olopop has selected for you the best websites listing great events (mostly club events) near your.


The first one, and our favorite is Resident Advisor :

Resident Advisor is listing pretty much every electronic music events (even the smallest). It’s mainly focused on underground music (house, techno, drum and bass, dubstep…) so you won’t find any EDM parties but this website is a goldmine.

Resident Advisor screenshot


Resident Advisor Events



Bandsintown :

Bandsintown is great aswell. A lot of artists are registered in this site (not to say almost all of them).

There are two ways to find a concert or a club party in Bandsintown. First one is like Resident Advisor, you can select your town and see all the gigs listed. But the real advantage of Bandsintown is that you can « track » your favorite artists and get notified when they come to play in your town. You will never miss them !





Last FM :

LastFM also lists events. They show you events near you so you don’t have a lot of flexibility for example if you want to find an event for your week end abroad. You can also follow artists but again, not all events are listed.

Capture d’écran 2015-09-21 à 16.21.32


Songkick :

Great thing about Songkick is that you can import your playlists from Spotify, Deezer and your likes on Facebook related to music and they will show you the gigs from the artists you like. There are not a lot of events registered on this site but we’ve seen some very small artists we love at Olopop registered that we couldn’t find on the other websites. So Songkick can be a very good supplementary source of information.

Capture d’écran 2015-09-21 à 16.24.01




We also advise you to check webzines from your country or city, or genre specialized webzines that will do the work of digging up every events related.


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